Engraved Copper Plaque

  • Custom Engraved Copper Plaque
  • Actual Copper Cathode from Refinery
  • Polished and finished in 2 Pack Automotive Clearcoat

Mount Isa Mines Engraved Plaque

This Engraved Plaque was definitely a challenge, but one we were keen to do. Townsville Copper Refinery supplied the raw copper anode.

Because the surface was highly textured and varied in height by almost 10mm, it posed a real challenge to get the depth of the letters even.

As such it was a pain staking task to engrave all the Text and logos and the process of cleaning the copper was a mission.

Also it required acid washing, burnishing with a bras wire brush and then quickly sealing with a clearcoat before it begun to tarnish the copper.

But ultimately it was well worth it to see a dirty stained Anode turned into a shiny Copper Engraved Plaque.

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