Decorative Restaurant Partitions

Decorative Screen on gate

  • Custom Designed to compliment your decor
  • Custom sized to fit your space.
  • Quality materials that will last

Indoor Decorative Screens

You can create the perfect atmosphere in any Indoor area with some beautiful Indoor Decorative Screens. To that end at Townsville CNC we can help you choose the best material to perfectly match your decor.

So let our our creative team help you choose the perfect screen by finding the purpose of your screen.

DECORATIVE If the screen is purely decorative then we can choose a design and material that compliments your decor, using either natural finish materials or painted.

PRIVACY If privacy is what you desire then we need to choose materials that will limit visibilty or have sound proof qualities.

SECURITY When safety and protection is important then we will make the screens from strong materials and ensure they are securely installed.

Finally once we have identified the purpose of your screen we can measure up the area and get our team to create your design. Contact us.

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