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CNC Cutting in Townsville just got a lot bigger!

17 October, 2019

CNC cutting just got a lot bigger asTownsville CNC takes delivery of the ART SX 10000. With a bed size of 9mtrs x 1.8 mtrs this is one of the largest CNC Router Machines in Northern Australia. This baby was built for heavy duty production work.

A CNC Router so big it needed to be delivered on a Semi Trailer

Townsville CNC was born with the purchase of this industrial CNC Router Cutter, what started as a machine for cutting letters and components for signage soon turned into a work horse that provided Advanced CNC Cutting Technology to the Townsville and North Queensland business community. Servicing all sectors of the market from Manufacturing, Building, Material Suppliers, Retail, Signage and the general public. We cut everything from Aluminium parts , Slots in Aluminium Extrusion, Signage, Compliance Labels, Engraved Plaques, Timber Wayfinding Signs, Boat Kits, Decorative Metal Screens, Timber Partitions, 3D Crests to name just a few.



Custom cutting solutions

One of the most frustrating things when working on a project is knowing exactly what you need but finding the only place it exists is in your mind. Townsville CNC can take those ideas from inside your head and make them real. Using our design software we can create a precision cut part or component that is custom made to fit and function perfectly. So there is no longer any need to compromise or modify your project to suit what is commonly available on the market.

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