How to Laser Cut a Boat

8 November, 2020

At Townsville CNC we can laser cut a boat from marine Ply. We design the boat components in kit form, laser cutting them economically from a sheet. They are basically a big jigsaw puzzle and are easy to assemble.

How do you make a boat? 

At Townsville CNC we use our Laser Cutter to laser cut a boat from sheets of Marine Ply. When a  Townsville boat builder asked us to laser cut a boat for him we didn’t know what to expect.

But we love a challenging Project so we accepted.

File Preparation

Firstly we uploaded his boat plans and used our CAD software to prepare the files for laser cutting. During this process we modified the file for the client. Meaning the final assembly of the boat would be smooth sailing.

Secondly we arranged the parts to fit as many on a sheet as possible, saving the client money.

And lastly we configured the laser settings so the material would cut as cleanly as possible.

The Cutting Process

Next we load the sheets into the laser cutter. The sheets were larger than the cutting area of the laser, so we used registration marks to align each section. This meant we could use as much of the material as possible with no waste.

We keep a close eye on the job as it cuts to ensure it is cutting correctly and does not catch on fire.


Once all the pieces were cut we fitted them back into the offcut sheets just like a giant jigsaw puzzle, this ensured nothing was missing. It also made it easier for the client to identify the pieces come assembly time. We then loaded them onto a pallet and secured them for transport.


It was a great relief when the client sent through the finished photos of the assembled boat.

He had glued all the components together, sealed them with Epoxy, painted the boat and attached the fittings and sails.

It was hard to believe the plywood jigsaw pieces was now a race winning catamaran.


You never know what new challenges a day will bring, but I’m happy and proud that Townsville CNC has just entered the world of boat building.

Bon Voyage until our next exciting adventure.

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