How to Laser Cut a Boat

How do you make a boat? 

At Townsville CNC we use our Laser Cutter to laser cut a boat from sheets of Marine Ply. When a  Townsville boat builder asked us to laser cut a boat for him we didn’t know what to expect.

But we love a challenging Project so we accepted.

File Preparation

Firstly we uploaded his boat plans and used our CAD software to prepare the files for laser cutting. During this process we modified the file for the client. Meaning the final assembly of the boat would be smooth sailing.

Secondly we arranged the parts to fit as many on a sheet as possible, saving the client money.

And lastly we configured the laser settings so the material would cut as cleanly as possible.

The Cutting Process

Next we load the sheets into the laser cutter. The sheets were larger than the cutting area of the laser, so we used registration marks to align each section. This meant we could use as much of the material as possible with no waste.

We keep a close eye on the job as it cuts to ensure it is cutting correctly and does not catch on fire.


Once all the pieces were cut we fitted them back into the offcut sheets just like a giant jigsaw puzzle, this ensured nothing was missing. It also made it easier for the client to identify the pieces come assembly time. We then loaded them onto a pallet and secured them for transport.


It was a great relief when the client sent through the finished photos of the assembled boat.

He had glued all the components together, sealed them with Epoxy, painted the boat and attached the fittings and sails.

It was hard to believe the plywood jigsaw pieces was now a race winning catamaran.


You never know what new challenges a day will bring, but I’m happy and proud that Townsville CNC has just entered the world of boat building.

Bon Voyage until our next exciting adventure.

5 tips for effective School Signs

When a parent or visitor comes to your School, Signs are usually the first thing they see. Therefore Signs can have a huge influence on whether their first impression is good or bad.

For this reason it is important to work with a company that has the expertise to ensure your School Signs are effective and doing the job they are meant to.

This is why choosing Townsville CNC to design, manufacture and install your School Signs is a great idea.

Along with our sister company Queensland Signage Solutions we are able to handle all your signage requirements from banners to large LED Monument Signs.

Check out these 5 Tips for Effective School Signs

1. Effective Messaging – 

Every sign has a particular purpose is it Decorative, Informative, Directiional, Safety, Compliance etc. Our job is to help you identify it’s purpose and convey that as efectively as possible.

2.Viewing Distance – 

This is something that is often overlooked, the distance a sign is viewed from is critical to how the sign is made and designed. If viewed from a distance factors such as size, letter style and height, colour contrast, obstructions need to be considered to make it readable. Therefore we always address this during initial consultation.

3. Materials –

What your sign made from is critically important to how long does it need to last. For example a banner may be just for 1 event whereas an LED Monument Sign would be expected to last many years. Therefore things such as Panel material, painting, Digital Printing, Framework and Foundations all need to be assessed and designed to suit your purpose and budget.

4. Budget –

Above all what a Sign costs is important, every School has a Budget and getting the best value for money is essential. That is why our Estimators and Designers work with you to make sure you are getting the best bang for buck for your signs. Expensive does not always equal quality, that is why our team always focuses on giving you the best value for money.

5. Warranty & Backup Service – 

Lastly what is the point of paying good money for signs if the first time you have a warranty or need a service call all you get is crickets. We stand behind our products and have a reputation for reliable warranties and fast backup service. Our most important priority is making sure our customers are happy so they continue to use us and recommend us to new clients.

So next time you need quality School Signs call our team and let us take the head aches out of your next Sign Project.





CNC Cutting in Townsville just got a lot bigger!

A CNC Router so big it needed to be delivered on a Semi Trailer

Townsville CNC was born with the purchase of this industrial CNC Router Cutter, what started as a machine for cutting letters and components for signage soon turned into a work horse that provided Advanced CNC Cutting Technology to the Townsville and North Queensland business community. Servicing all sectors of the market from Manufacturing, Building, Material Suppliers, Retail, Signage and the general public. We cut everything from Aluminium parts , Slots in Aluminium Extrusion, Signage, Compliance Labels, Engraved Plaques, Timber Wayfinding Signs, Boat Kits, Decorative Metal Screens, Timber Partitions, 3D Crests to name just a few.



Custom cutting solutions

One of the most frustrating things when working on a project is knowing exactly what you need but finding the only place it exists is in your mind. Townsville CNC can take those ideas from inside your head and make them real. Using our design software we can create a precision cut part or component that is custom made to fit and function perfectly. So there is no longer any need to compromise or modify your project to suit what is commonly available on the market.

Decorative Aluminium Screens add wow factor to entry

Custom Screens the finishing touch on Core entry awning

Our mates at Core Constructions Townsville got us to work on their Decorative Aluminium Screen project. It was a challenge to recreate the existing screen design. This incorporated a laser cut street number that needed to join on an angle to the existing decorative screen work.  Core were very happy to see the new screens fitted perfectly.  Because of our extensive experience with graphic design and signage manufacture it was a breeze to recreate the design. Then our Large  Format CNC Router chewed through the 3mm aluminium plate with ease. We then finished it off with a sanding on both sides ready for the powder coating. Lastly a few strategic folds on the brake press and she was ready to go. Core picked up the Decorative Aluminium Screens and when installed they fitted like a glove.


Don’t settle for boring stock items. Townsville CNC can create custom designed decorative screens and products to suit your project

The days of having to settle for boring stock items are over with Townsville CNC’s ability to create unique designs from a wide range of materials in custom sizes.

We know that in the real world things don’t come in convenient standard sizing, the real world is awkward and messy. That is why we customise designs to suit your area so they fit perfectly.

We can work with your designs or create something unique to suit your project.

Whether it is Decorative Screens, Privacy Screens, Garden Screens, Screen Fencing, Gate Screens, Security Screens or Pergola Screens, we ca  supply Decorative Screens Direct to you.

Give our team a call to see how we can add some extra flair to your next project. Contact us.